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Phoenix, AZ     &     St. Louis, MO

Senior IT Technical Professionals:  Our IT technical candidates are well versed in the latest hardware and software technology. Our candidates have a proven record of demonstrating a strong technical skill level, excellent communication skills and organizational skills. Most of our candidates have degrees in computer science, engineering or business related fields and hold certificates in the latest software and hardware technology. We look for candidates who are in the top ten percentile of their industry.

Senior IT Executive Search:  Our senior IT executives are seasoned IT professionals experienced in managing and directing a corporate IT operation. They are experienced in planning, coordinating, directing and designing all operational activities of the IT department. They are experienced in the strategic and operational governance processes of the business organization, as a member of the senior management team. Our candidates have experience in identifying opportunities for the appropriate and cost-effective investment of financial resources in IT systems and resources, including staffing, sourcing, purchasing and in-house development. They have demonstrated the ability to apply information technology in solving business problems.

Contract Recruiting: Staffing Solutions of America will provide your organization with staffing professionals on a contract basis, current in all aspects of the employment functions and versed in the latest technology and search techniques. During time of excessive recruiting activity, this supplements your employment function with professionals dedicated to sourcing, identifying and presenting qualified candidates for your organizational needs. Our contract professionals are available to meet both your short and long term needs on a full or part-time basis.


Through a stringent recruiting process, and the selection process, Staffing Solutions of America has been able to provide a core of highly competent candidates. Our ability to create the right match between client and candidate, in a responsive and responsible manner, has helped Staffing Solutions of America gain its reputation for quality, integrity and dependability.

Finding the Right Person: